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WIFI VoIP Phone with 5 SIP Account

WIFI VoIP Phone with 5 SIP Account


For the XY-265WVP model using 32-bit 125 MHz RISC CPU / 16 - bit 125 MHz DSP VOIP dedicated processor and 360 MHz of MIPS ® 24 k ™ snazzy WIFI special CPU, with voice clear smooth, powerful, flexible operation characteristics, widely used in homes, offices, factories, hospitals and many other industries and places.

Function Introduced

1. 10/100MbpsWAN/LAN

2. 32bit 125MHz RISC CPU / 16-bit 125MHz DSP

3. 360MHz MIPS 24KEc CPU for WIFI

4. 5 IP account with password protection SIP registered

5. 128*64 digits LCD display with orange color back light

6. Support English; Chinese national language to choice

7. IPV4

8. IC Card interface (option)

Network Features


IEEE802.3/802.3u/ 802.3x compliant

Support PPPoE for xDSL

Support DHCP Client on WAN

Support VLAN (optional: voice vlan/data vlan)

Support Prot Based, VLAN Priority, ToS, such as DSCP Priority classification

QoS with DiffServ

NAT Traversal: STUN mode

Support DMZ

Half/Full duplex operation

Proxy mode and peer-to-peer SIP link mode

Fixed IP Client, DHCP Client , PPPoE Clinet on WAN

Support DNS Relay, SNTP Client, Firewall

Support QoS for the Second Layer802.1p


WIFI Features

Support embedded 802.11b/g/n

Support embedded 1T1R2.4g CMOS WIFI module

Support embedded 802.11 n MAC/BBP w/MLD function module

Support WDS feature ( MAX work with on 4 units phones at the same time use )

Support WPS feature

Embedded PA/LNA

Support compression block response

150Mbps data for PHY

20MHz/40MHz channel

WEP64/128;WPA; WPA2; WAPI mode

QOS-WMM; WMM power save


RFC3261, RFC2543



SIP Registered: 3 IP account with password protection (More support 5 SIP account)

Pubic Server/ Private server: can connect to ISP and Private SIP server at same time

Compatible with all major SIP Servers: Cisco, Osip, Vocal, ser, Partysip, Simens, Grandstream, etc.

NAT traversal: STUN, NAT ALG, NAPT, SIP Express router

Dual back- up servers

Audio Codec

G.711: 64k bit/s (PCM)

G.723.1: 6.3k / 5.3k bit/s

G.726: 16k / 24k / 32k / 40k bit/s (ADPCM)

G.729A: 8k bit/s (CS-ACELP)

G.729B: adds VAD & CNG to G.729

Audio Quality

Support 802.1 p/q QOS

Support WRR


Support G.165 /G.168

Support Jitter Buffer

Dial Tone Signal Generation

DTMF (out of Band RFC 2833 / in band)

SIP Info interoperate with SIP device




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