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SIM Bank, 64/124 Channels Optional, Remote SIM Card

SIM Bank, 64/124 Channels Optional, Remote SIM Card


Our SIM Bank is a centralized storage device which allowing to store up to 128 SIM cards or any other smart card.

Together our SIM Server and GSM/CDMA VoIP Gateway, it provides complete wireless VoIP solution for clients based on

cloud environment. Moreover, all SIM card information is process and transmits through private protocol ensure that

high reliability IP network communication between SIMbank and GSM/CDMA VoIP Gateway.


Key Features
1. NAT Traversal
2. 64/124 Channels Optional
3. Dynamic Allocation of SIM Cards
4. High Reliability Data Transmit Mechanism
5. Remote SIM Card, Easy to Replace SIM Card
6. Hot Swap of SIM Cards with No Service Interruption
7. Remote Management, Easy to Maintain Devices.


Product:    SIMBANK-64/128
Capacity: 64/128 Slots
Dimension (L*W*H): 530*305*90mm
Weight: 3.7kg
Work Temperature: 0-40℃
Storage Temperature: -20-70℃
Humidity: 10%-90%

Power Supply
Input: AC 220V 50Hz
Output: DC 12V 2A
Power Consumption: 15W
Network: 1*RJ45 10/100 Base-TX

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